Can CBD Help with Weight Loss?

Naturalis - 4th April
CBD weight loss oil

The niche market for CBD is growing incredibly quickly, making cannabidiol products more popular than ever before.

According to The Independent, the number of CBD users in the UK doubled in 2017 alone from 125,000 users to 250,000. The exponential increase continues to this day, with many consumers turning to CBD to help with a range of ailments like anxiety and chronic pain.

But what about weight loss? Can CBD products really help stop the weight gain? Here is a closer look at everything we currently know about CBD and weight loss.

CBD Oil Weight Loss

Let’s dig into the science a little bit to get a better understanding of how CBD can help to suppress your appetite and potentially bring about a range of other benefits to help you lose weight.

Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, which responds to the two cannabinoids (CB) receptors in our bodies: CB1 and CB2. These CB1 receptors are found in your brain and your central nervous system. CB2 receptors can be found throughout your body, though.

By interacting with your endocannabinoid system, many people claim that CBD can help people to lose weight. Let’s dig deeper into what the research suggests.


CBD oil for weight loss

What does the research say about CBD and weight loss?

Preliminary research is promising and the results are inspiring continued research. Here’s how CBD can help with weight loss.

Reducing appetite

A lot of people say that that cannabidiol can help in reducing a persons appetite. The stimulation of CB1 receptors can stimulate the appetite and cause us to feel hungry, however. There is evidence to suggest that CBD can influence molecules within the human body that deactivate CB1 receptors. CBD doesn’t”deactivate” these receptors it but it helps affects molecules that block the CB1 receptors. An old study on animals suggests that when rats are exposed to CBD their appetite is reduced. This helps to reduce the appetite of users and stop them from overeating.

  • This 2018 research paper suggests that the ablation of CB1 can help to reduce body weight and food intake.
  • This 2012 research paper suggests that CBD reduced the amount of food intake among rats.

Burning fat

Research also suggests that CBD can help to break down fat in the body while also helping to eliminate it as waste. There are two different kinds of fat that exist in the human body. There is white fat and then there is brown fat. It is said that the white fat in the bad kind of fat and brown fat is the good kind of fat. Excess white fat can also lead to an increased chance of developing such conditions as diabetes and heart disease. Researchers have found out that CBD can play many different roles in regards to how CBD can interact with fat. This is because CBD can turn white fat into brown fat, which is a more active type of fat that burns off energy as heat. This means that the brown fat actually burns calories. While this research is extremely promising there obviously has to be more

  • This 2018 research paper suggests that CB2 can enhance browning and transform chemical energy into thermic energy.

Reducing the risk of obesity

CB1 receptors are very widespread in the fatty tissue of people who suffer from obesity. This has led researchers to believe that there could be a link between CB1 receptors and obesity. By helping to block off CB1 receptors, research suggests that CBD can help to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders. There was a review done called Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research which highlights a few studies that have been done in the past, mostly on animals. One such study has obese rats get treating using CBD oil. The result shows that the rats had a drop of 25% in cholesterol. CBD also, because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, appears to increase markers of liver health and decrease blood sugar levels which in turn helps stop weight gain.

  • This 2018 research paper notes that there is a link between the over-activation of CB1 receptors and metabolic disorders.
  • This 2017 review explores animal research to uncover the link between CBD and metabolic functions.

What does anecdotal evidence say about CBD and weight loss?

Anecdotal evidence supports the research, with many thousands of users stating that CBD has helped them to reduce their appetite. This has, in turn, helped those people to reduce their calorie intake and lose weight.

This report from Sara Davidson of the Huffpost is interesting. In her piece, Sara discusses her time with Dr Allan Frankel, one of the world’s leading authorities on dosed cannabis medicine. Sara describes how CBD helped her to reduce her appetite and what Dr Frankel believes about CBD.

Of course, the effects will vary from one person to the next and the best way to see if CBD can help you achieve the same results is to give it a try!

CBD Oil for Weight Loss

Which CBD products are the best for weight loss?

There is a wide range of CBD goods on the market. Each individual will find that these products help them in different ways so again, it’s a matter of seeing what works best for your needs.

Things to Consider When Using CBD

It must be stressed that CBD oil is not a treatment for any persons obesity problem. If you do not exercise and expect that just by taking CBD while help you lose weight then you won’t actually see any health benefits.

Also, everyone is different and everyone’s weight is also different. These two things you have to consider when you’re wondering how much you have to take. If you regularly use cannabis and you also have more bodyweight then you are going to need a higher dose of CBD oil than the average person. It’s best to talk to your doctor about CBD before adding it into your daily routine.

If you would like to know more about CBD dosage and the products that you should try, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide.

Dive into the world of CBD and wellness

The world is CBD is growing each day. Are you ready to keep up? Follow us on Instagram. We will share regular updates and tips on how you can get the most from the fastest-growing natural medicinal on the planet. While there is plenty of suggestions that CBD could help lower your appetite there is a lot to consider because more human studies need to be completed. Cannabidiol is any form should not be thought of as a cure for obesity. However, when more and more human studies are done with CBD oil you can be sure that there will be more definitive proof regarding the claims a lot of CBD sites are making.

Naturalis - 4th April

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