Can CBD Oil Treat Ailments in Children?

Naturalis - 26th February
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If your child is sick and conventional medicine can’t offer them relief, you’ll naturally pursue alternative treatments. This is why many parents are using CBD – a cannabis compound found in marijuana and hemp – as a natural method to remedy a series of ailments from arthritis to seizures and sleep problems.

Parents are comfortable using this with their children given that it does not deliver a high to the user. What’s more, it is non-addictive and a range of medical studies demonstrate that the risk of side effects are essentially non-existent.

The majority of research to date has focused on CBD as a potential remedy for certain types of epilepsy. Many adults and children alike are finding, however, that it can also help some individuals with anxiety and other conditions.

Doris Trauner, M.D. is a physician at San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital. She recently said:

“CBD has become a very popular over-the-counter type of treatment that parents get on their own and give their children, and some say they see a big improvement. Every other patient I see is asking about it.”

Trauner begs caution, however, explaining that there is the potential that CBD is not as totally benign as many think. In a bid to better understand the effects of CBD, she is currently conducting a clinical study into CBD and autism.

Despite the fact that there are some poor-quality CBD products being sold by unregulated retailers, many experts and average people are incredibly excited about the potential of CBD. The initial research is very positive and last year, the FDA approved its first CBD-based prescription medication.

A Range of Uses

This energy and enthusiasm around CBD means that some parents have used it to help their children combat a range of maladies.

In terms of seizures, many children have witnessed an incredible improvement in the rate and severity of their episodes. Anecdotal evidence around the efficacy of Epidiolex points towards an effective and potent natural solution.

Some parents have also administered CBD to children suffering from autism and remarked that it can help to reduce aggressive, repetitive and self-injurious behaviours. This is welcome news, given that existing prescription drugs that help people with autism come with serious side effects.

ADHD is another disorder that has been positively handled by some parents by using CBD. Given that CBD has been linked as a viable remedy for anxiety, it makes sense given that the two disorders are closely related. A range of parents have seen their children having some benefit.

There is also anecdotal and principal research which suggests that CBD can be used to aid in the treatment of migraines, given that CBD interacts with receptors throughout the body. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect so it can reduce localised pain.

Follow Best Practice

Having a sick child can be a stressful and upsetting experience, and it can be tempting to begin using alternative treatments right away. There are, however, a series of steps that parents should take before acting.

The first step is to talk with a doctor about how to incorporate CBD into the treatment routine for your child. Unfortunately, there are not many professionals working in medicine who have the experience and exposure necessary, so this can be challenging. They can offer useful insights though.

You should also do your best to find the most reputable product that you can. At this time, there are a large number of poor products on the market and these can fall short in terms of the amount of CBD that is included, and even include more THC than advertised.

Once you have found the reputable product that you can trust, it’s a matter of closely monitoring your child for any side effects and using the “low and slow” rule. This means starting with very small dosages and slowly adding gradual increases until you find the optimum dose.

This can help to reduce the potential for side effects and get your child the best outcome possible through the use of CBD.

Naturalis - 26th February

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