How to Cook with CBD: Unlocking the Potential of CBD in Your Food

Naturalis - 7th March
how to cook with CBD oil London

More relaxed laws and attitudes towards cannabis mean that there are a range of diverse CBD products on the market and more ways than ever before to get a healthy dose of CBD.

Restaurants across the UK are starting to offer delicious recipes that are infused with CBD. The Canna Kitchen in Brighton is one such restaurant, but you don’t have to rely on the professionals to get CBD-infused food.

CBD oil makes it simple for you to incorporate the cannabinoid into your diet through a collection of amazing recipes. Wondering how to cook with CBD? Here is a closer look at how you can level-up your food.

How to Cook with CBD: The Fundamentals

Before we dive into some specific recommendations, let’s take a look at some fundamentals that you need to understand before you begin cooking with CBD.

Understand the benefits:

There are positives and negatives to every consumption method. If you include CBD in your food, you will find that it lasts longer in your system. This extended length of time means that the benefits are boosted, giving you all of the full medicinal benefits from your product.

Consider your needs:

You should also ask whether cooking with CBD is right for your needs. The key advantage of this method is discretion and simplicity. You might find, however, that CBD capsules, vape liquid or another alternative is more appropriate for your needs if you do not cook often.

Understand the taste:

The best CBD oil comes from entirely natural hemp plants. Extracted from the stalks, seeds and flower of those plants, the final taste is earthy and grassy. Some people do not like the taste, though, and cooking is a great way to mask it using delicious ingredients and flavours.

Don’t worry:

Some people are still confused about whether ingestion is appropriate, but cooking with CBD is entirely safe. In fact, consuming CBD this way can help you to get the most out of your product. “Bioavailability” is the technical term that is used to refer to how fast and efficiently your body can absorb a given substance. Using CBD in your recipes can help you to increase the bioavailability, upping the absorption rate and helping you to feel the full benefit.

Pay attention to storage:

It is important that you store your CBD oil appropriately. CBD is sensitive to heat and light, so you should be sure to store it in a cool and dark place to preserve its integrity and make sure you get the full effect in your recipes. If you fail to properly care for your product, you might find that its efficacy is reduced or even removed all together.

Avoid high temperatures:

CBD oil can evaporate quickly at high temperatures that exceed 320° farenheit. When cooking with CBD oil you should try to keep the temperatures low to make sure that you preserve the CBD and feel its full effect in your final delicious dish.

Start small:

Identifying the correct dosage of CBD can be difficult at first, regardless of the consumption method that you choose. “Low and slow” is the secret to success, meaning that you should start with a low dosage and slowly increase it until you feel that you have reached the desired amount. This method also ensures that you will make the most of your CBD oil.

How to Cook with CBD: Recommendations

Now that we have a better understanding of some key concerns when cooking with CBD, let’s dig into which type of recipes work the best with CBD.

Sweet Options:

Of course, CBD works well with sweet options because there are a lot of fatty acids included, which can act of powerful binding agents. The CBD can pair with those fats, meaning that your body will immediately begin to use them and the CBD that comes with them.

You could consider adding a small amount of CBD oil to your favourite chocolate chip cookies recipe, for example. You will find a range of recipes online, and we are particularly interested by these CBD chocolate coconut fat bombs. If you are experimenting with a keto diet and need a source of healthy fat, this is the perfect option.

This CBD peppermint chocolate cups recipe is very refreshing, making it the perfect summer snack. The added CBD can help you to feel particularly great, blending together good taste and good health.

It is also very simple to make CBD icing to add to your desserts. It’s simply a matter of melting together CBD and coconut oil with a small quantity of coconut butter.

Snacks and Drinks:

It is easy to add CBD to your favourite smoothie, and the natural healing qualities of the CBD can help to take your refreshing drink to the next level. In fact, CBD-infused drinks are becoming increasingly common across the UK in bars and cafes.

Bogarts CBD coffee house in Swansea, for example, is giving its customers the option to swap out shots of caramel for high-quality CBD. Using a trusted product, you can easily do this yourself to super-charge your favourite drinks.

Savory Options:

Perhaps surprisingly, there is a wealth of savoury options available. Your imagination is really the limit and if you take the essentials outlined above into consideration, you will be able to concoct a huge range of nutritious and imaginative dishes.

Experiment Today

CBD is transforming the health and lifestyles of people across the UK. If you are interested in cooking with CBD, you could give it a try today. It couldn’t be simpler and the benefits that you experience may come as a welcome surprise.

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Naturalis - 7th March

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