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More people in the UK are using CBD than ever before. Over 300,000 people have gotten in on the latest wellness trend and that number grows with each passing day. Those people turn to trusted CBD products for a wide range of reasons and achieve great health using a natural method.

This popularity means that there are more products than ever before, though. Differentiating between those products is a challenge and you certainly don’t want to find yourself stuck with a poor product – it might not work, it could be dangerous and it might even be illegal.

Here at Naturalis, we want you to enjoy your CBD experience. Here’s a closer look at how to find the best products on the market.

What Exactly Is CBD?

Before we dive into how you can find the best CBD products let’s take a closer, brief look at exactly what CBD is.

CBD is one of 113 the cannabinoids that are found inside the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids serve various different functions and given that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, they can have different impacts on our bodily functions.

There is a lot of promise around the potential of CBD. Early research and anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help with a wide range of ailments and give people the power to live healthier and happier lives.

If you want to know more about CBD and what it can achieve for you, be sure to read our answers to your common questions about CBD.

Where to Find CBD Products

When it comes to sourcing CBD products, you have more choices than ever before. These CBD-infused products are appearing on shelves and in online stores across the country, as well as in restaurants and cafes.

You might find that your local cafe or restaurant has decided to offer a delicious CBD-infused product. If not, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a range of options in stores.

How to Find the Best CBD Products

There are lots of products out there on the market – and new ones are added at a regular pace. This means that it can become overwhelming for potential customers to find quality products that tick all of their boxes.

You should make sure that you have a strict set of expectations and criteria that you use to assess the quality of those products.

To give you a helping hand, here’s a closer look at the key requirements you’ll want your chosen products to meet.


First and foremost, it’s absolutely essential that you choose a CBD product that has legal amounts of THC within it. There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to the legality of CBD products and you’ve got to make sure that your chosen product is compliant.

This helps you to make sure that your product is safe to consume and that you are not going to find yourself in possession of a controlled substance.

When it comes to the legality of CBD products in the UK, cannabinoids are legal to sell and consume. The issue comes, however, when significant amounts of THC are included in those products. If the level of THC exceeds 0.3%, that product is considered to be a Class B drug according to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Poor-quality products will often use low-quality hemp and inefficient extraction methods that leads to high amounts of THC being included. This means that the products are unsafe and illegal to possess in the UK – clearly, it’s very important that your chosen CBD products abide by the law to provide you with a safe and lawful experience.


You’re planning on buying CBD for a distinct purpose – it’s important that your chosen CBD product is able to deliver on those desires. There are lots of reasons that you might want to find a quality CBD product; here’s just a few:

If your CBD product is going to help you achieve those goals, it’s got to deliver. The CBD has to be extracted from quality hemp using the most effective extraction techniques possible.

Here at Naturalis, for example, our full spectrum isolate is extracted from organic farms around the world. We hand-pick those sites for their natural approach and then use a non-toxic extraction method to produce a 99.9+% pure distillate.

This careful and sophisticated approach means that we can offer truly powerful and effective products to our customers. Our group of loyal customers rely on us to achieve their goals and live happier lives.


It’s also important that your chosen CBD product offers a generally high level of quality. This means that not only should the CBD be extracted using the appropriate techniques, but every other trait of your product should be touched by quality.

Let’s imagine you’re hoping to bolster your natural skin care routine, for example. You might decide to look for a CBD-infused cream that can repair and protect your epidermis. You find a product and you’re satisfied with the quality of the CBD – but how about the other elements?

You’ll want to make sure that the cream itself is of a very high quality and that you’re buying the product from a trusted manufacturer. This means you’ll want to assess the quality of the packaging, branding and much more.

You deserve the best experience possible when you’re purchasing a premium product. FInd the highest-quality product and you’ll be sure to enjoy the best results.


It’s very important that you find the CBD product that is right for you. You’ll find that there are a huge range of CBD products on the market and that these come in all types of shapes and sizes.

Let’s imagine that you enjoy vaping, for example. You might find that this is the best method for your needs and that it delivers the most effective experience possible. You’ll want to find a quality vape elixir that is effective and delivers the results that you’re hoping for.

Alternatively, you may find that you prefer cooking with CBD oil. You enjoy the flexibility that this method gives you and you also find that the results are enhanced. In that instance, you’ll want to find a quality CBD oil that is appropriate for cooking.

There are a huge range of potential forms on the market. Here’s a quick look at just some of those options:

  • Balms
  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Honeys
  • Oils
  • Teas
  • Vape elixirs

When you’re trying to find the best CBD products on the market, you’ll want to really factor in the form that you’re looking for. This will help you to get a product that you’re truly happy with that fits with your specific needs.


CBD is derived from hemp and this plant is grown in various locations around the world. You’ll want to purchase responsibly-sourced CBD products that help to protect the environment and the people who work within the industry.

You should carefully research your products to make sure that your chosen provider meets your high ethical and sustainability standards.

Here at Naturalis, our CBD is sourced responsibly and we pride ourselves on being an ethical company that takes care of our suppliers and our customers at the same time. If you like, you can learn more about our story.


The CBD industry is going through an impressive period of growth. This means that there are more companies than ever before competing for your attention and your hard-earned money. It’s a big challenge trying to choose between these companies and one of the most prominent indicators you can rely on is respect.

You should try to find a trusted brand that can offer you a reliable experience. To identify those brands, you’ll want to turn your attention to customer reviews and success stories – this will give you a good indication as to what you can expect.

There are a huge range of platforms on the internet where you can find customer reviews. If you know others who use CBD, you should also speak with them to find out more about their experiences and the products that they rely on.

You should also feel free to share your own experiences. The more that early adopters of CBD share their experiences, the more we can look forward to a future where only quality CBD products are allowed to flourish.


If you’re looking for a quality CBD product, you’re going to want to find the best quality possible – but the product also has to be a good fit from a financial perspective.

Some CBD products strike a perfect balance between cost and quality, while others leave a lot to be desired. Some customers will often find that they pay far too much for too little. This is why it’s very important that you study the CBD landscape and develop your understanding of pricing and quality.

As the CBD market continues to mature, you can rest assured that the prices of CBD-infused products will decrease without any type of sacrifice in terms of quality.

More Useful CBD Resources

We understand that the world of CBD is very exciting and promising, but there’s also the potential for a lot of confusion and misinformation – this is why it’s so important that you stay informed and make the right decisions.

Here’s a closer look at some of the resources that we have put together to help you get a better understanding of the CBD industry and how you can enjoy the best experience possible.

A CBD Buying Guide for Beginners

In this post we have taken a look at how to find the best CBD products – but what else should you consider when it comes to buying CBD for the first time?

We put together this free CBD buying guide to help you make the right purchase and unlock the full potential of CBD. In the guide, we cover key steps including:

1. Choosing which form is the best for you

2. Identifying quality retailers

3. Understanding pricing

4. Assessing the efficacy of CBD products

How Much CBD Should You Take? A Step-by-Step Guide

We know that one of the key concerns of potential CBD users relates to the efficacy of their products and how much they should take.

It’s important that you have a strategy when it comes to choosing how much CBD you should take and how your dosage is going to evolve over time. That’s why we put together this step-by-step CBD dosage guide to help you develop your strategy and get the most from CBD.

In the guide, we cover key steps like:

1. Understanding your own body

2. Creating a CBD diary

3. Understanding dosages

4. Choosing the right consumption method

5. Creating a CBD schedule and adjusting it over time

How to Integrate CBD Into Your Wellness Routine

Some potential CBD users struggle when it comes to incorporating CBD into their schedule. They might find it difficult to understand the various forms out there and when they can incorporate CBD into their routine.

In this guide, we help you integrate CBD into your wellness routine. This gives you the power to seamlessly incorporate CBD into your life to unlock its potential.

In the guide, we cover:

1. Why CBD deserves a spot in your wellness routine

2. How CBD can fit into your wellness routine

3. Which CBD products are the best for your needs

Explore the Best CBD Products Today

Here at Naturalis, it’s really our pleasure to offer the best CBD products on the market. We truly believe in the potential of CBD to offer great health in a natural way and remedy a range of ailments.

This is why we have taken every step possible to make sure that we offer the best experiences and products. You will find that our entire range of high-quality CBD products can help you to get the results that you’re looking for.

Naturalis - 1st August

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